CogX London 2017

CogX London 2017 demystifies AI

Leading experts in Artificial Intelligence have gathered this week for the inaugural CogX to discuss how AI is set to shape the future of transport, finance, cyber security, healthcare, human rights and more.
The summit is taking place at The Brewery in central London, convening 1,500 delegates from across the worlds of politics, academia and business.
Sophia, the humanoid creation of Hanson Robotics, opened the first day of the conference and was followed by sessions that looked at how AI is transforming how we work, communicate and care for people in our society.
The UK’s Digital Minister, Matt Hancock MP, brought the day to a close with a keynote that gave an insight into Westminster’s perspective on AI. “We need to make sure that there is a strong framework that carries the legitimate consent of the people but that can allow and encourage innovation and can be flexible and move fast too,” said Hancock.
Seven Hills is leading the media campaign for CogX and its co-founders, Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub. Coverage highlights to date include profile interviews in City AM, the London Evening Standard, The Guardian and on BBC Radio 4’s Today.

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