Gary O’Sullivan

Senior Campaign Director

Gary O’Sullivan is a Senior Campaign Director at Seven Hills

Gary is a senior campaign director at Seven Hills, with significant experience in creating and delivering impactful campaigns and is particularly strong at brand positioning for different verticals. His current clients include Tech London Advocates, Plexal, Tharsus and Advertising Week Europe.

He is adept with technical subject matter, with broad experience across technology, innovation, telecoms, sustainability, retail & supply chain and food/agritech.

Gary’s highlights include leading a public engagement project for DeepMind’s science team, launching sustainable packaging company TIPA to market and managing the communications programme for Informa’s Omdia and Agribusiness divisions. He was also a co-curator of the first TEDxLondon event in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

He was commended in PR Week’s “Most Rated by Journalists” for his media relations skills and has led the media relations practice in previous agencies.