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FSB’s Craig Beaumont joins Seven Hills for latest Academy Session

Forget your nine to five, ditch your suit and tie – it was all about celebrating UK’s small businesses at Seven Hills’ Academy Session this morning, as we welcomed Craig Beaumont from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Craig first went into the tourism industry to...

Seven Hills WOW’d by Jude Kelly for Academy Session

Seven Hills had the chance to hear about Women of the World Festival (WOW) this morning, welcoming its founder, Jude Kelly for the latest in the Academy Series – spotlighting the incredible work being done by purposeful businesses. WOW celebrates the power and potential of girls...

Next Jump

The latest Seven Hills Academy session saw Next Jump’s London office Co-Managing Director Tarun Gidoomal and Vice President and General Manager Kevin McCoy talk to the team about the importance of workplace culture and giving people the tools to be their best at work. “We are...