Seven Hills Mission Event The Clubhouse


Mission is all about the great positive contribution business can make in society,” opened Michael Hayman, co-author of MISSION: How the Best in Business Break Through, “the pursuit of purpose will be an essential part of the path to profit.” Addressing a packed audience at The Clubhouse last night, mission was the word of the moment.

Contributors to the book; King of Shaves founder, Will King, UNRULY co-founder, Sarah Wood and Ella’s Kitchen and Paddy’s Bathroom founder, Paul Lindley formed a panel of expert commentators discussing the importance of purpose within modern business.

Covering everything from internal culture to the role of technology in business, the panel provided a comprehensive overview of the way in which a strong purpose should permeate a business. Will King emphasised that change within business is a constant factor and should be embraced. He continued that the story behind a business should resonate with and uplift its customers.

Sarah Wood added that transparency and clarity of purpose are key, emphasising the importance of internal culture for building core values within business. Paul Lindley stated that a company’s objectives should be reflected throughout their entire business model. Discussing the entrepreneur, he commented that missionaries make better products and emphasised that by being different, a brand can mobilise their audience into getting behind their mission.

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